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2019 Closing Shoot

Last Outdoor Shoot for the 2019 Season (15-Sep).  The event will be a National Round, with Assembly at McGavin Park at 10:00 hrs.

48 arrows at 60 yards and 24 arrows at 50 yards (other distances according to age).


Provost Patterson Trophy
Scollon Trophy
Scollon Prizes

Upcoming Events 2017 – Closing Shoot & Clout

Upcoming events are:

1) 10th September – Closing Shoot at McGavin Park.

Senior members compete for the Provost Patterson Trophy and junior members compete for the Scollon Trophy and prizes. The competition is a National Round, where 48 arrows are shot at 60 yards and 24 at 50 yards. Juniors will shoot at shorter distances, according to their age.

2) 17th September – Clout Shoot at Eglinton Park.

Members compete for the Provost Cox Trophy.