Drummond Silver Arrow Rules

New Rules of Shooting

These are the revised rules of shooting for the annual Papingo at Drummond Castle.


  1. Arrows to be shot from directly below the Papingo in a similar manner to that at Kilwinning


  1. Shooting will start at a time to be determined on the day to allow a reasonable time for all archers to have assembled and should be for 2 hours. However in the event of the Papingo not being hit an extension of 30 minutes can be allowed at the discretion of the Council.


  1. Archers will draw lots for the order of shooting, however any ‘Honoured Guest’ may lead off the shooting at the discretion of the Council.


  1. All hits on the Papingo shall be recorded.


  1. The winner of the Drummond Silver Arrow and winners medal shall be awarded to the archer who has had the most hits within the agreed time period with 2nd and 3rd medals being awarded accordingly to those coming next in number of hits.


In the event of there being a tie for the number of hits in any of these positions

then the winner will be the person who was the first to hit it within that



(i.e. Archer A is the first to hit it but only hits it once, Archer B was the

second to hit it again only once, Archer C was the third to hit it and also

manages to hit it again later. Archer C wins the Silver Arrow, Archer A comes

second and Archer B comes third.)


This system is based on the old system adopted when shooting at the Papingo for

‘points’ and allows for a fairer chance of all participants given that shooting is done

one at a time in rote.


Some flexibility is being allowed regarding the time limit to account for the fact that

shooting at Drummond Castle involves considerable travelling, it is a long way to go

without a result.