Kilwinning Round

The Kilwinning round consist of 72 arrows shot at a distance of 30 yards in ends of 3 at the following 3 zone target

The yellow (gold) circle is 3 inches in diameter and scores 3 points.

The red circle is 6 inches in diameter and scores 2 points.

The blue circle is 9 inches in diameter and scores 1 point.

An arrow falling on the line between colours, including the outside edge of the blue zone, has only to touch that line to score the higher value.

In the event of a tie in scores at the end of the round then the archer scoring the greatest number of hits will be declared the winner.

Should there also be a tie in the number of hits then the number of golds will then be counted with the archer scoring the most golds declared the winner.

If this should also be equal then the Council has the authority to call for a shoot off when all of the tied archers will shoot additional ends of three arrows.These additional ends will continue until one archer gains a score lead at the conclusion of an end, at which point that archer will be declared the winner.