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Juniors Update


Zoe a Junior Master Bowman at 10 years old (above)



Society President Stuart Wilson comments that it is really great to see our junior archers doing so well.

Congratulations to them all.

Cairn Boyd, Shay Boyd & Zoe Moore holding up the gold medals they won for winning their classes in the Penicuik 1440 shoot on the 8th September.
Cairn Boyd, Shay Boyd & Zoe Moore holding up the gold medals they won for winning their classes in the Penicuik 1440 shoot on the 8th September.

In addition Zoe Moore’s score of 1203 at this event was her third Junior Master Bowman score and as a result she is now confirmed as a Junior Master Bowman in the under 12 class.

Shay Boyd holding up his certificate confirming that he now holds
the Scottish record for the under 14 age group for the Vegas round with his score of 273. This was achieved at the Lasswade Open Vegas shoot on 2nd March 2019.


Silver Arrow Refurbishment Complete

Refurbishment of the Silver Arrow Trophy is now complete, and the trophy has been returned to the library. This work was necessary, as the weight of the original medals was causing the supporting bow limbs to deform (sag). The limbs have been strengthened, which required the addition of supporting plates. These plates have been engraved to preserve the appearance of the trophy. i.e. disguise the strengthening plates. 

This work concludes a refurbishment program designed to preserve the trophy for many years to come. The Society wishes to thank everyone who contributed to completing this project.

2019 Open Day and Papingo

This year’s Open Day and Papingo will be held on Sunday 11th of August 2019. This event is open to archers who are members of a recognized archery club, or organization.

Copies of the entry form can be requested from the Society’s Secretary; email , or from the Scottish Archery Association’s 2019 Outdoor Events Calendar.


The Scottish Parliament has recognised Laura McHarg’s achievement in winning the Captaincy of the Society by lodging the following motion in its’ records.

The Captaincy of the Society is won at the butts by shooting the ‘Kilwinning Round’ and this took place on the 2nd June 2018.

Participatory Budgeting Event

The Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers has been successful in obtaining a stall at the Participatory Budgeting event.

This will be held at the Ayrshire College Kilwinning Campus between 10:30 – 1:00 pm on Saturday 3rd March.

We are trying to get the funds to pay for the reinforcement of the Silver Arrow bow limbs.

We will have the Silver Arrow on Display together with the ‘Pop-up’ banners used at the John Crichton event.

The way this works is that we are trying to get Votes for Our Project so it is essential that as many members/family/friends as you can persuade to come and vote for us. They can also get a close up view of the Silver Arrow as well and find out about the more interesting ones.

This is the last thing that the Silver Arrow requires for the foreseeable future and if we are successful it will enable us to spread the old medals out more on the bow which will make them much easier to see.

Stuart Wilson